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Hire of the Grounds (Wominjeka) "Frequently Asked Questions"

What are the Covid-19 restrictions?
Grounds use at all times will need to conform to the current Queensland Govt regulations and guidelines, as interpreted by the Eudlo Hall and Grounds Management Committee. First, consult with the bookings officer.
How much is it to hire the Grounds Wominjeka)?
Casual hire: $30.00 per hour, minimum three hours hire. Regular hire (at least monthly): $25 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours per hire. For extended events, especially overnight, the price is subject to negotiation, but less than the equivalent cost on an hourly rate.
What is available ?
More than two hectares of level, grassed recreation area, also known as the Eudlo Sports Ground. The perimeter is treed with a restored, historic shed along the western boundary, which has a wide, full length verandah, fully opening shutters and excellent night time lighting. There are flush toilets (male and female, including disabled in female toilet) but no shower. The rustic kitchen uses tank water, has food and bar serverys, hot water, a modest gas stove, convection microwave and refrigerator. There are plastic chairs to seat up to 100 people with space for many more. There are miscellaneous tables including two timber tables with benches to seat 6 at each table.
Can I inspect the site and facilities?
Yes, please email or phone the bookings officer to make a time. Use the contact details at the bottom of this list.
When must the hire fee be paid?
The full hire payment must be made in advance to secure the booking.
Is there a cancellation fee?
Cancellation will incur forfeiture of part or all of the hire fee as follows: within 30 days 20%; within 14 days 50%.
When must the bond be paid and how much?
All hirers must pay the bond no less than seven days before the start of hire, otherwise the booking is forfeited and the cancellation fee applies (see above). The bond is negotiable but generally will be $1000 unless it is a brief hire. Charity and NFP events may receive special consideration by negotiation with the bookings officer.
What conditions apply to full refund of the bond?
The bond is refunded in full at the end of hire, providing the site and structures remain undamaged and clean, and there is no breach of the conditions of hire, including no excessive noise. If there are cleaning or damage repair costs, these will be deducted from the bond refund.
How can I pay and receive my bond refund?
Direct deposit (EFTPOS), or by using this website through a PayPal account or credit card. Bond refunds will be made by EFTPOS or directly to the credit card or PayPal account as directed.
Is alcohol allowed?
Yes, inside the inner fenced boundary around the shed. You must comply with liquor laws in all respects. You as hirer are responsible for all consequences of the use of alcohol. Sale of alcohol is not permitted.
Is smoking permitted?
Yes, outside the shed, and providing extreme care is taken to discard butts and prevent fires.
Is there parking?
There is ample onsite parking.
Can there be an open fire?
There is a fire pit, and subject to prevailing fire restrictions, you may use it however you must supply your own firewood. No trees are to be cut for firewood, and you are not permitted to access our firewood supply. No rubbish is to be burned in the fireplace, nor is any rubbish to be left there. Ultimate responsibility for the open fire must lie with one, nominated individual.
Is there overnight camping!
Yes, however there are no showers, no powered sites (possibly one) and no onsite waste pump out facility. Information on the nearest waste dump facilities (eg Beerwah, Nambour) can be found on No waste is to be disposed of at the grounds. Breach of this requirement will be penalised by forfeiture of bond.
Are there noise restrictions?
The Grounds are in a rural area, and we respect our neighbours. Several neighbours reside close by and we are informed of any excessive noise. Any sort of amplified noise (music players, speakers, drums, in fact any kind of sound amplification, mechanical or electrical) MUST cease at 11 pm and other noise should be kept at low levels, especially as the night draws on. The bond will be forfeited if the 11 pm noise curfew is breached.
Are decorations or site changes permitted?
Any decorations must use existing hooks, screws or structures. Fences, grassed areas, toilets and fittings will be inspected before and after hire and the cost of any damage will be deducted from the bond refund. If more costly damage occurs, other compensation may be sought.
How do I get entry to the grounds?
You will be given access to the premises by our bookings officer, or a member of the Management Committee. No keys will be issued but there are several padlocks that you will be asked to secure on leaving. You will be asked to take care of the padlocks and to replace any that go missing.
What about insurance?
All hirers must hold a current suitable Public Liability Insurance policy for $20 million. We require a copy of the policy, the schedule to the policy and a certificate of currency no less than 14 days before the start of your hire. Private hirers for a one-off private function may secure insurance via our insurer for a $50 fee by arrangement with our bookings officer. Your household policy or business policy will not be sufficient unless it specifically refers to the specific activity you are conducting at the grounds. We retain the right to decide whether your cover is satisfactory.
Is there any restriction on the type of function?
We reserve the right to refuse hire unless we are convinced noise or drunkenness are not going to impact on our neighbours and thereby jeopardise future hiring of the grounds. We will be asking for phone numbers of people attending an event so we can call in case of noise or other complaints by nearby residents. Any reasonable noise will be tolerated.
Is there any charge for use of tables and chairs?
No, however you must ensure they are kept clean and returned to their storage places at the end of hire.
Is catering available?
No, we only hire the space.
Is any kitchen equipment/utensils/cutlery or crockery available for use?
Not routinely, however you can check with the bookings officer about your needs and if we have suitable equipment, we may provide at a negotiated fee.
Can I cook in the kitchen?
Yes. Bear in mind there is no dishwasher and we do not allow wok cooking or deep frying. If you do choose to cook, the stove, fridge, benches and floor must be thoroughly cleaned after use. There is only tank water on tap, which is the case throughout Eudlo (no town water supply).
What cleaning is required?
You are required to clean, which includes sweeping floors and removing all rubbish and taking it with you. There is no rubbish disposal or collection at the site. Toilets must be left clean and the tile floors wet mopped. Only toilet paper is to be used in the toilets. All sanitary items and babies nappies and wipes are to be disposed of in rubbish bins and later removed by hirers. Clearing of any toilet blockages will be charged to the hirer. The site must be left clean, free of paper, cans, bottles and cigarette butts etc.

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Conditions of Hire

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Possible suspended use of venue (for regular hirers):
EHGA may need to suspend use of the grounds for a particular session(s), in which case the Bookings Officer will give the regular hirer at least 14 days' notice.
The basic hire cost includes:
The use of the venue floor space, toilets, chairs, tables and kitchen facilities and basic equipment (refer to the FAQ)
The basic hire cost does not include:
Other kitchen items or equipment (eg table tennis table or marques) that may be available for hire but this needs to be arranged with the bookings officer (refer to the FAQ).
Your bond:
Will be refunded promptly after your hire to your bank account, paypal account or credit card. However, a full refund is subject to fulfilment of the hirers responsibilities outlined in the document "Additional Conditions of Grounds Hire".
Public Liability Insurance (you will need it):
You must provide and maintain Public Liability Insurance of $20 mil and provide proof of its existence and suitability 14 days prior to initial use of the venue. EHGA can assist with short term insurance cover. More details in the FAQ and in the document "Additional Conditions of Grounds Hire" and through discussion with the bookings officer.
Incident Report Form (read and download):
If an injury or damage occurs during your time of hire, you must complete the Incident Report Form provided on this webpage and return it to the Bookings Officer immediately at the end of the relevant hire session.
Fire Safety Instructions and Evacuation Plan (read and download):
You must acquaint yourself with both of these documents (available on this webpage) prior to the start of hire.
Additional Conditions of Grounds Hire (read and download):
There are other specific conditions of hire regarding noise, protection and use of the premises, and final clean up in the document "Additional Conditions of Grounds Hire" (available on this webpage) that you must understand and agree to. That document also outlines the obligations of EHGA in making the venue available for hire.

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